The Textile District of Prato is the capital of the circular economy. For centuries, the recovery and reuse of rags give life to new yarns and fabrics, reducing the use of virgin raw materials, energy, water, and CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Comistra is part of this precious chain of reuse, giving a second life to the wool so that it can be spun and woven again.

Comistra S.r.l. • Since 1920

Growth and sustainability are the central values of our company. For over 100 years, in the heart of the Textile District of Prato, we gift a second life to rags and textile waste by transforming them mechanically into regenerated wool, new recycled yarns, and fabrics of the highest quality for haute couture. The circular economy has always been our job.



The FSC label on a finished product certifies that the forest materials, produced according to strict standards, have been used correctly throughout the production chain: from forest to finished products. This standard attests to our commitment to protecting the health and resilience of forests worldwide.

GRS guarantees that products have been recycled.

Comistra Neptune is accompanied by the GRS certification, the Global Recycled Standard issued by Textile Exchange. It guarantees the traceability of the production chain, to ensure the real recycled content.

Your contribution to impact reduction & sustainable textiles

Environmental savings - indication per 1 kg*
Water Liters
CO2 Kg
Energy kWh

*The calculation of the bAwear-Score is based on the proprietary bAwear textile model and SimaPro software and on the input (primary data) provided. In case primary data was lacking, secondary data was used. The secondary data are extracted from the EcoInvent® database and publicly available literature sources. When using secondary data (in part or solely), the results of the calculation are only indicative. The calculations are performed using ReCiPe 2016 midpoint method. Data security is covered by our partner PRé Sustainability, having implemented ISO 27001:2013.

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