“The future has ancient roots”

A long company history, the ability to intercept new trends and an in-depth knowledge of materials are the strengths of Lanificio Bigagli Spa, established in 1973 in Montemurlo, in the heart of Prato’s textile district.
Over time, the expertise honed by the local manufacturing tradition paired with continued investments in new-generation machinery has resulted in the company becoming an Italian market leader in the sector of natural woollen felts, needled felts and linings for footwear, slippers and leather goods.


From waste to new resource: PET bottles become fibres.

The process begins by separating household plastic. PET is separated straightaway from metals and other bottles. Coloured PET is separated from transparent PET. The following steps are washing, grinding, drying, extrusion, dyeing, carding preparation and needling & heat setting.


Chemical Management Protocol

Lanificio Bigagli has adopted the 4sustainability Chemical Management Protocol® to eliminate toxic and harmful chemicals from production processes through the ZDHC MRSL. The implementation level of the 4sustainability Protocol is monitored with a transparent and scored system for continuous improvement.

GRS guarantees that products have been recycled.

Bigagli PETT is accompanied by the GRS certification, the Global Recycled Standard issued by Textile Exchange. It guarantees the traceability of the production chain, to ensure the real recycled content.

Felt obtained by recycling post-consumer plastic bottles

Your contribution to impact reduction & sustainable textiles

Environmental savings - indication per 1 kg*
Water Liters
CO2 Kg
Energy kWh

*The calculation of the bAwear-Score is based on the proprietary bAwear textile model and SimaPro software and on the input (primary data) provided. In case primary data was lacking, secondary data was used. The secondary data are extracted from the EcoInvent® database and publicly available literature sources. When using secondary data (in part or solely), the results of the calculation are only indicative. The calculations are performed using ReCiPe 2016 midpoint method. Data security is covered by our partner PRé Sustainability, having implemented ISO 27001:2013.

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